3D Street Art

The goal of this project is to prepare and install 3D models of murals located in Belgrade. Through 3D models of murals, we want to bring street art closer to blind and partially sighted people who can feel the models and hear the story of street art through professional lectures.

VR Exhibitions

Although nothing can replace the observation and research of graffiti and street art in real space, in the last decade, and especially in 2020, it has become obvious that new technologies give an additional dimension to this field of art.


The book "Street Art Belgrade" presents a comprehensive overview of Belgrade graffiti and street art, both stylistically and backwards through time. With over 550 photographs, the book provides a comprehensive insight into the unique world of Belgrade graffiti and street art.

Tours and Lectures

Join our team, serious walkers, professional explorers and absolute lovers of Belgrade, in an unexpected adventure hidden by Belgrade’s budžaks. Since our focus is graffiti and street art, we will introduce you to some pearls of street art, but through the prism of the history of our city. Welcome!


Participation of the community is very important. Through our workshops we aim to bring graffiti and street art closer to the people.

Urban Heritage Hub

Graffiti and street art are best viewed in their natural setting, in the city, on the streets. However, after many decades of research, documentation, and promotion of these art forms, it became obvious to us that if general viewer gets a little bit more information about the pieces or the authors, they will start to appreciate these art forms wholeheartedly.