Ture i predavanja

Sećate se rečenice: “Upoznajte svoj grad da biste ga više voleli”? To je upravo princip na osnovu koga su sačinjene naša predavanja na otvorenom. Vodič je Ljiljana Radošević, istoričarka umetnosti i licencirani turistički vodič.

Pored toga što ćete provesti kvalitetno vreme napolju, imaćete priliku i da se upoznate sa onim osobenostima Beograda koje na prvi pogled možda ne primećujete. Međutim, otkrićete da ne postoji ništa lepše od suncem obasjanog grafita posle šetnje ulicama koje obično zaobilazite.


Graffiti na Gradele and DUK

As part of a series of talks on the topic of street art, we hosted representatives of leading festivals from Serbia and Croatia.

Visit to Ljubljana and Rog Center

In December, we visited colleagues from the organization Urbana Vrana and Centra Rog and had the opportunity to visit the construction site of the new cultural center, visit important locations for the creation of street art and graffiti in the city and agree on some new joint projects.

Educational mirror: Stories from the walls and AproPop

RTS 2 broadcasted a show that deals in great detail with the development of graffiti and street art in Serbia, in addition to our colleague Ljiljana Radošević, artists and experts from the history of art, music and film participated.

Panel: The relationship between institutions and street art

In the French Institute in Novi Sad, on Thursday 22.09. starting at 5 p.m., a panel discussion on the topic "the relationship between institutions and street art" will be held.

Landscape of city streets – a walk within Good Urban Life

On Saturday, June 11, as part of the Good Urban Life program, we held the first five-hour walk, during which we wanted to show the different faces of the street. The "Landscape of City Streets" walk led the participants through street art and pointed out its connection with history.

Street art tours during the Belgrade Irish Festival

In cooperation with the Belgrade Irish Festival, we are organizing two street art tours on March 13 and March 17. The tours will be conducted in English due to the presence of guests from Ireland.

What our street looked like in 2021

Bearing in mind that we are all going through challenging periods of changes in the way we organize life and work, and that sometimes it seems that nothing is happening, we wanted to look back on the year that is about to end. Our desire is to show that a strong community, once naive enthusiasm and love for the field we are dealing with can overcome challenges and make progress that is extremely…