Tours and Lectures

Remember the sentence: “Know your city to love it more”? This is exactly the principle on which our outdoor lectures are based. The guide is Ljiljana Radošević, art historian and licensed tourist guide.

In addition to spending quality time outside, you will also have the opportunity to get to know those peculiarities of Belgrade that you might not notice at first glance. However, you will find that there is nothing more beautiful than sunlit graffiti after a walk through the streets you usually bypass.

Latest News and Activities

Graffiti na Gradele and DUK

As part of a series of talks on the topic of street art, we hosted representatives of leading festivals from Serbia and Croatia. In the Božidarac…

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Visit to Ljubljana and Rog Center

In December, we visited colleagues from the organization Urbana Vrana and Centra Rog and had the opportunity to visit the construction site of the…

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Educational mirror: Stories from the walls and AproPop

RTS 2 broadcasted a show that deals in great detail with the development of graffiti and street art in Serbia, in addition to our colleague Ljiljana…

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Panel: The relationship between institutions and street art

In the French Institute in Novi Sad, on Thursday 22.09. starting at 5 p.m., a panel discussion on the topic "the relationship between institutions…

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Landscape of city streets – a walk within Good Urban Life

On Saturday, June 11, as part of the Good Urban Life program, we held the first five-hour walk, during which we wanted to show the different faces of…

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