As part of this year’s Belgrade Irish Festival, which runs from March 12 to 20, Irish muralist Holly Pereira will paint a mural at 16 Maršala Birjuzova Street.

By painting a large-scale mural inspired by traditional motifs from Serbian rugs, Holi celebrates the skills and work that women traditionally put into both rug weaving and other folk handicrafts. In addition to celebrating women’s work with this work, Holi also points to the importance of the tradition of oral transmission of knowledge and stories, which are an important common feature of every folk culture (especially Irish and Serbian folk culture). The mural represents a girl weaving a Pirot carpet. The influence of local motifs can be recognized in the form of a star on the background, as well as a symmetrical floral border. In this way, the artist achieves a vivid and colorful contrast with the city environment, at the same time paying tribute to the often neglected role that women had, and have, in all societies throughout history.

You will be able to visit Holi at the location during the painting of the mural, March 7 – 20, or during the street art walking tour “Murali” organized by Street Art Belgrade.