A new mural titled “Knowledge is power” was painted before the beginning of the new school year in the yard of the elementary school “Nata Jeličić” in Šabac.

The mural measuring about 100 square meters was painted by the Austrian artist Käthe Löffelmann and the Serbian artists Aleksandra Petković TKV and Jana Danilović, as part of the project of the Austrian Cultural Forum, which is realized in cooperation with the Šabac Cultural Center, the “Nata Jeličić” school and the Street Art Belgrade organization. The project was created with the desire to emphasize the historical connection between Austria and Serbia in the field of education and artistic creativity.

Based on the theme and location, the artists chose playful motifs of learning and personal strength that develops and is gained through knowledge. On the mural, there are illustrations of word games derived from the phrase “Knowledge is power” – knowledge is superpower, knowledge is the key, knowledge is strength… The typographic solution of the inscription “knowledge is power” illustrates the slogan with a combination of Serbian and English, as well as Cyrillic and Latin letters. Elements that flow through the composition as key, books and pencils in different contexts, represent an association with school and education, in a cheerful and playful way.


About the artists

Käthe Löffelmann is a multidisciplinary artist from Vienna. His work includes murals, conceptual installations, sculptures, digital art and moving images. She is part of the female collective Ripoff Crew, with whom she paints large-scale murals in Austria and around the world.

Jana Danilović received her doctorate at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2018, having defended the art-research project “City and painting – the importance and function of painting interventions in public space”. She exhibited her works several times independently in reference galleries in the country and abroad. She is the author of dozens of murals and interventions in public spaces in the country and region.

Aleksandra Petković TKV has been artistically active since 2004, first in the field of street art, and later in various techniques and media – from furniture redesign to 3D printing. In 2019, the French Embassy awarded her the Order of Knight of Arts and Letters. She launched the unique All Girls Street Art Jam festival, which was designed with the intention of bringing female creativity to the fore on the street art scene.