As part of the STREET project: From vandalism to art or from love to hate, an exhibition with the same name will be opened in the alternative center Kvaka 22, January 23 at 6 p.m.

The street as a public space that should belong to all of us is slowly growing into a space that is only nominally public. As a consequence of increasing social inequalities, political disagreements, neglect of basic human rights, the street in Belgrade is becoming a space of subversion, but also of the basic human need for the voice of the individual to be heard. Regardless of whether we like the messages in the form of political graffiti, love messages, subculture graffiti or street art, they are there for a reason. And before we ask ourselves how to clean them, perhaps we should consider the reasons for their creation and how they symbolically talk about the social context in which we find ourselves.

The exhibition will consist of numerous photographs that show the situation on the street, without censorship, but also of the works of street artists who created their works on canvas especially for this exhibition. During the exhibition, these works will be offered for sale in a public auction, and all money collected will be paid to the Solidarity kitchen. The auction will last from January 30 to February 15, and you can follow it and bid for works on Kvaka 22’s Instagram and Facebook profile.

As part of the project itself, in addition to the aforementioned exhibition, there will also be three forums in which those actors and researchers who are closest to the events on the street will participate. The first forum that dealt with hate speech and the unwanted effects of negative messages that we encounter on the street was held on December 23, 2021, and the next two were announced for January 27 and February 3, 2022. For more information, follow our website and social networks.

Project supported by the Embassy of Sweden.

The entire program will be organized in compliance with all measures of protection against the disease Kovid19.