In 2022, we created the “Urban Heritage Hub” – a platform for the promotion of digitalization of urban and street art. Until now, we have focused our experience in digitization on the creation of a digital space that contains archives, collections and galleries related to the digital form of street and urban art.

This space will improve the way street art and graffiti and urban art, which are part of contemporary creativity, are collected, documented, preserved and promoted. The goal of the project is to preserve street art as a cultural heritage through the archive, but also through the promotion of digitization as the best way to preserve street art for further research and analysis, as well as through communication with a wider audience and future experts. “Hub” in the very name of the platform refers to the networking and unification of all street and urban art digitization projects in one place, as well as networking and continuous education in the digitization process of artists, curators, researchers and participants in this field.

During the year, we presented the project at events in the country and abroad to artists, cultural researchers and museum employees.

In May, colleague Ljiljana Radošević presented a project called Urban Heritage Hub Case Study to an expert audience at the Go Indigo conference; New Life of Street Art in Virtual Reality. In July, we presented the project as part of the annual Metalogues conference from Greece, which gathers an audience that follows innovative technologies and Virtual Reality. In December, the project was presented in Ljubljana to the employees of the cultural center Rog, and in Belgrade, as part of the street art weekend in Božidarac, the project was presented to artists and representatives of associations dealing with street art in Serbia and Croatia.

The project was supported through the digitization competition of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

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