Loving Street Art Belgrade

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Prva izložba beogradske ulične umetnosti i grafita u virtuelnom prostoru, kustoskinje Ljiljane Radošević, dostupna je publici iz celog sveta na platformi VR-All-Art. Predstavljeno je više od 40 radova domaćih i stranih autora sa ulica Beograda.

Posetioci iz celog sveta imaće priliku da pristupe izložbi putem veb sajta sa bilo kog računara ili laptopa, kao i uz korišćenje VR opreme. Cilj izložbe je da pruži jedinstven umetnički doživljaj i uvod u svet grafita i ulične umetnosti u Beogradu.

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Loving Street Art Belgrade

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The first exhibition of Belgrade’s street art and graffiti in the virtual space, curated by Ljiljana Radošević, is available to audiences from all over the world on the VR-All-Art platform. More than 40 works created by local and foreign authors on the streets of Belgrade were presented.

Visitors from all over the world will have the opportunity to access the exhibition through the website from any computer or laptop, as well as with the use of VR equipment. The goal of the exhibition is to provide a unique artistic experience and introduction to the world of graffiti and street art in Belgrade.

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TRACES : L’Art urbain en Serbie et en France 1995 - 2022

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L’exposition « Traces » est le fruit d’un travail consistant à cartographier les activités des individus et des institutions en Serbie et en France relatives à la culture du graffiti et à l’art urbain, ainsi que leurs influences réciproques par la commissaire d’exposition Ljiljana Radošević. C’est une histoire complexe et les informations ou le matériel adéquat qui documenteraient ces échanges visuels et intellectuels ne sont pas toujours disponibles. D’autre part, ces échanges prennent des tournures inattendues.

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Traces: Exhibition of street art of Serbia and France in virtual reality

In the cultural center of Serbia in Paris from 31.3. until 15.4. a new exhibition of street art in Virtual Reality "TRACES: Street Art of Serbia and France 1995 - 2022" will be presented.

French edition of the VR exhibition in Novi Sad

During the traditional Digital November event organized by the French Institute in Serbia from mid-November, residents of Novi Sad will have a unique opportunity to discover Take III – Loving Street Art Belgrade, researched and curated by Ljiljana Radošević. This is the first exhibition of Belgrade street art and graffiti in the newly opened premises of the French Institute in Novi Sad, in the…

What our street looked like in 2021

Bearing in mind that we are all going through challenging periods of changes in the way we organize life and work, and that sometimes it seems that nothing is happening, we wanted to look back on the year that is about to end. Our desire is to show that a strong community, once naive enthusiasm and love for the field we are dealing with can overcome challenges and make progress that is extremely…