As part of the “Art in Passage” project, the eleventh model of a mural for blind and visually impaired individuals has been installed in the premises of the social enterprise café-bar “16” on Cetinjska Street.

The project aims to make street art accessible to the blind and visually impaired through the installation of 3D models. This particular mural, created by the renowned artist Jana Danilović, depicts a bird and is now a part of the café-bar’s wall. The artist hand-painted the model, turning it into an inclusive work of art. A Braille description plaque is also placed next to the model.

This initiative provides an opportunity for members of the blind and visually impaired community in Serbia, where there are approximately 12,000 individuals with visual impairments, to experience street art in a safe space at the social enterprise café-bar “16” in Cetinjska. The challenging situation faced by blind and visually impaired individuals, who have limited opportunities for personal and social advancement, makes projects like this crucial. The integration of blind and visually impaired individuals into all aspects of social life, including socialization, cultural activities, and art, is a significant goal.

Nikola Đorđević, the president of the Belgrade Association of the Blind, stated, “It is extremely important that we are involved in the project at café-bar ’16,’ and that Braille will be visible in this space as a symbol of the blind. We hope people will be inspired to learn more about this script, and perhaps they will want to learn it. The bird model itself shows that there are groups of people who experience art differently, making projects like this significant not only for us but for the entire community, which will be able to experience art in a new way.”

Jana Danilović, the artist, expressed, “The existence of works accessible to blind and visually impaired individuals through the sense of touch means that my works and my art become available to people who could not experience it before.”

The café-bar “16,” as a social enterprise, represents a symbol of integration and freedom, fostering a space for learning, working, and participating in all aspects of life. The project emphasizes these values, promoting community engagement.

The mural models, utilizing innovative 3D technology, offer a tactile experience for blind and visually impaired individuals to explore street art and connect with the artists creating on the streets. This is the tenth model in Belgrade and the eleventh in Serbia, with one also recently installed on the wall of the Blind Home in Čačak.

The project is led by the organization “Street Art Belgrade” in collaboration with the Belgrade Association of the Blind, and it has received support from the Ministry of Culture.

About café-bar “16”:
The social enterprise café-bar “16” was established to support former users of the Shelter after they turn 16, providing opportunities for additional education, acquiring new skills, and the possibility of formal employment. It serves as a safe location for children living and working on the streets.

About the “Art in Passage” project:
The goal of the “Art in Passage” project is to bring street art closer to the blind and visually impaired through the installation of 3D models. The models are accompanied by Braille descriptions, a rarity in public spaces. The first 3D mural models for the blind and visually impaired were installed in 2021, and Street Art Belgrade has since placed a total of 16 models – 10 in Belgrade, 1 in Čačak, 4 in Vienna, Austria, and 1 in Iowa, USA.