As part of the “Art in Passing” project, five new models of murals for blind and partially sighted people were made, which will be placed in the city center at several locations.

Five new mural models will be installed during May at several locations in the city center and represent different artists and styles of street art. When choosing the works, the availability and proximity of the works to the Belgrade City Organization for the Blind was taken into account, so that the members could, through a short walk, feel what it looks like to discover art on the street. The works for which the model was made are the works of leading and recognized street artists from Serbia and the world: TKV, Piros, Junk, Rage, Lunar and Flying Fortress.


TKV, “Up”, 2021

This work was created as part of the All Girls Jam project, which was held for the second time in 2021 at Dorćol Platz. The general theme was related to the color green, which symbolically represents many things, but among others, recycling, environmental protection and returning to nature. Unlike some other works by TKV, where the presented women carry with them some important stories and symbolism, this person is actually just a model who carries with her the idea of ​​freedom, peace and strength. Looking at the sky actually represents a conscious decision to concentrate on the sky as a symbol of freedom and opportunity instead of the negative that surrounds us.


Lunar and Flying Fortress, “Cat and Bear”, 2018

After more than thirty years spent on the streets creating art without permission (but also with permission), these two artists are happy to meet all over Europe to create joint works. As part of the United Colors of Belgrade / Warm up project, which was carried out in 2018 at the initiative of Paint Kartel and with the support of Street Up, Lunar and Flying Fortress actually presented their alter egos. Both Lunar’s cat and Fortress’s bear were created through a development process in which both were searching for their tag as well as for a visual alias that would represent them on the streets. During the development of a joint sketch and work on the street, it is quite normal that compromises occur in the process itself, especially when it comes to very specific individuals. In this work, the intention was to show in a self-ironic way the process of their long-term cooperation, reminiscent of the Czech animated series “A je to”.


Rage, “The Fox in the City”, 2018

For the last ten years, all over the city we have come across representations of foxes, wolves, various fictional forest monsters and sea wolves left behind by the artist Rage. Rage seems to create its own counterpart to the medieval Bestiary in which the real and mythological animals that occupied the imagination of the people of the Middle Ages were represented and described. He creates a whole range of animals from our urban Bestiary that symbolically inhabit our urban jungle. The work was created in 2018 as part of the United Colors of Belgrade / Warm up project.


Junk, “Friends”, 2018

As part of the Kafe 16 support project, several works were created by different artists who supported this unique place in the city with their engagement. Namely, the members of the Children’s Shelter team started this cafe in order for street children to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience that will enable them to get a legal job after they turn 16. Junk’s idea was to create a work that will delight passers-by with its positive energy and light theme, but also convey optimism to those children for whom this place is intended. The beaver and the bird are there to, in addition to being a receptive illustration that in itself carries positive connotations, show the strength of friendship between the most diverse individuals. In addition, the birdhouse, which is in the background, can be interpreted as a symbolic representation of Cafe 16, which in a way represents a safe place, a house, for all street birds that need a home.


Piros, “Everyone is looking for their happiness”, 2016

During 2016, a large number of the artist’s friends moved out of the country. Although those farewells were full of positive and negative emotions, Piros realized that the most important thing in all of this was to support them in their new life endeavors. So he assigned each of them a bicycle, which, as a symbol from childhood, represents a magical device that can help them conquer the world. This work, which was created in the yard of the old Bajlonije brewery, is the first of this series and is one of the artist’s most influential works on the street. “Everyone seeks their own happiness” was created as a sublimation of everything that the artist needed to express at that moment, from style, technique, symbolism to emotions.