Through the “Art in Passing” project, which is supported by the Yettel Foundation, we want to bring street art closer to blind and partially sighted people by placing models made with 3D technology.

The first models that were placed in Vračar in October last year attracted a lot of attention from the audience and showed how important the integration of blind and partially sighted people is in all areas of life.

The third mural for which a 3D model will be made was painted by artists Jana and Hope and bears the symbolic name “Love and Hope”. The mural was painted in 2018 with the support of children from Svratishte. The wall is located in Cetinjska street, opposite the social enterprise cafe-bar “16”, which was opened with the aim of providing support to former users of the Shelter after they turn 16 and represents a kind of opportunity for additional education, acquisition of new skills and the possibility of formal employment. First of all, it is another safe location for children who live and work on the street. By placing the model in this place, we wanted to additionally emphasize the important message of the mural as well as the very location where it is located.